Welcome to the Question and Answer Service of the Foundation for A Course in Miracles . This service began in October 2002 and was designed to help students of A Course in Miracles with their understanding of its theory and practice. Almost from its inception, there was a near-inundation of questions. Now, after six years, we have decided this active service is no longer needed since it appears as if all the possible questions (in content) about the Course have been asked. We will, however, continue to make the nearly 1,400 past questions with our answers available as an ongoing resource for students.
We once again wish to express our deepest gratitude to Derek Best for his initiating, creating, and maintaining this Question and Answer Service over the years. Without his caring and faithful shepherding, this Service would not have been possible.


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Notes 1/. Some course study-guidelines are provided in Question 1385. 2/. A history of different versions of the course is provided in Question 1386. 3/. To print any of our question pages, please right-click on the questions and select "Print".