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Q #645  Are any elements of the biblical account of the resurrection consistent with the Course?
Q #646  Is it judgemental to think of someone as a "blissninny"?
Q #647  How can I deal with the way the Course alters my perception of others' behavior?.
Q #648  Why does Jesus say he can "bring the Holy Spirit down"?
Q #649  Should I be concerned about not doing the Workbook in strictly linear fashion?

Q #641  Please explain "The Healed Relationship"?
Q #642  What is meant by "Looking at the ego without judgement"?
Q #643  If God does not know we exist, how can I find comfort and reassurance?.
Q #644  What is the significance of psychic powers and predictions?

Q #637  If sin is not real, how can there be right or wrong behavior, or morality?
Q #638  How can we perceive forgiveness?
Q #639  Is there a "right time" to end a special relationship?.
Q #640  I am very conflicted and ambivalent about my current relationship

Q #632  Does the current political and moral climate signify a "final stretch"?
Q #633  Why do we create multiple outer selves that seem to punish us?
Q #634  Should I feel OK about expressing my feelings about the Course in conversations?.
Q #635  How do I "do nothing" and not interfere?
Q #636  How many planes of consciousness are there?.

Q #628  If the Holy Spirit does not respond to supplication - is not prayer a form of supplication?
Q #629  How can loving thoughts be perceived in this world?
Q #630  What were the "splits" that led to our present condition?.
Q #631  Caring for the sick makes forgiveness hard to grasp.

Q #623  From a Course perspective, what is the significance of speaking "in tongues"?
Q #624  Isn't the Course just another opinion?
Q #625  What is the definition of the word "God"?.
Q #626  Why doesn't the Course reveal earlier that Jesus is only a symbol?
Q #627  Must I read all the Text immediately before doing the Workbook?

Q #618  It is reasonable for a caregiver to have expectations ?
Q #619  What did I do to deserve my illness?
Q #620  How can I reconcile all the differences between the Course and the Bible?.
Q #621  Circumstances are keeping my wife and I apart. How should I deal with this?
Q #622  Should I end a relationship if my partner wants to have sexual affairs with others?

Q #612  It is difficult for me to feel I love God. What is the solution?
Q #613  Is it wrong to have ideas, ambitions, etc?
Q #614  Are masculinity and spirituality mutually exclusive?.
Q #615  Is it normal to perceive strange bodily symtoms during meditation?
Q #616  If God does not know we are here, why did he give us the Holy Spirit as a way out?
Q #617i "It does not follow that you will not think you perceive something that has no meaning." What does this mean?
Q #617ii  What does it mean when you say "the relationship will fall away"?
Q #617iii Why must a teacher believe in the students?

Q #608: Should I feel guilty if I don't want to be with other people?
Q #609  How does "Multiple Personality Disorder" fit in with the concept of the ego?.
Q #610  What is meant by "Ideas leave not their source"?.
Q #611  What are the implications of trying get what I want through vizualization?

Q #603: Should I ask for help looking at specific forms of guilt, or the broader underlying ontological guilt?
Q #604  What will be my experience after the death of my body?.
Q #605  If we project what we do not want onto others, why do some others seem to be more gifted than us?.
Q #606  I still feel conflicted when talking to, or comparing myself with, those on a different spiritual path.
Q #607: Why do we choose suffering as a defense against our guilt?  Why not pleasure? 

Q #598: What can I do about compulsive sexual behavior?
Q #599  Is there any point to scientific investigation if the world is not real?.
Q #600  I am confused about the meaning and importance of being a parent.
Q #601  Is "revelation" possible without being in a state of Christ-consciousness?
Q #602: Was not Jesus "conscious," and did not consciousness place him in  the domain of the ego?

Q #593: Why do I feel like a failure when I try to apply the Course?
Q #594  Should I stop being concerned wiith my body?.
Q #595  Is it wrong to only want to be around like-mided, spiritually-oriented people?
Q #596  How can I take responsibility for what happens to me in the world?
Q #597: How did the resurrection establish the Atonement?

Q #588: I fear leaving this world...
Q #589  What would be a right-minded way of using psychic powers?.
Q #590  What must I do to turn the search for a job over to God?
Q #591  Why must a teacher "believe in the students to whom he offers the ideas'?
Q #592: Is there any harm in praying to the God of my Baptist upbringing?


Q #583: How could God love the world if He is unaware of it?
Q #584  How can I determine responsibility without engaging in judgement?.
Q #585  Since one person (Jesus) accepted the atonement, why aren't we all healed?
Q #586  What is meant by the terms "witness" and "witnessing"?
Q #587: How can an attack be a call for love, if it pushes love away?

Q #578: If all is illusory, what is the point of voting?
Q #579  Memories of past guilt seem to be sabotaging my quest for peace?.
Q #580  How does one speed up the development of a personal relationship with Jesus?
Q #581  How can I develop trust in the thoughts in my mind?
Q #582: Is the Course's concept of guilt related to the Catholic "original sin"?

Q #573: In what way do biblical terms differ in meaning when used in the Course?
Q #574  How do I overcome "fear of validity" regarding the things I say?.
Q #575  What are the dynamics of child-abuse, as seen by the Course?
Q #576  How could Jesus enter into the illusion if he knew it was not real?
Q #577: What is the role of karma with respect to healing?

Q #568:  Why does the concept of the separation and the dream seem so illogical?
Q #569; 
If I accuse someone of attack, why does that imply I also must have attacked?
Q #570:  Is it loving to stay with an alcoholic spouse ?
Q #571:  Why did Jesus not see a "beautiful" world ?
Q #572:  If prayer does not "fix" this world, why does prayer seem to heal sickness?

Q #563:  Questions concerning the movie "The Passion Of The Christ"
Q #564; 
Is there a divine purpose to our state of separation?
Q #565:  Why would anyone who dies choose to reincarnate in a body ?
Q #566:  If God is unaware of our condition, why did he send Jesus as a teacher ?
Q #567:  Can I work in sales (a form of manipulation) and still be true to the Course?

Q #558:  How do I choose "that which is of value"?
Q #559; 
Inconsistencies in the meaning of the word "miracle" in the Course?
Q #560:  How can I remain true to the Course, and still pray with others for help with ego-based problems?
Q #561:  Who is the "me" that the ego wants dead ?
Q #562:  Why do defenses "do what they would defend"?

Q #552:  Should I tell friends about the Course, and risk ridicule?
Q #553; 
If I am really trying to give my relationship to the Holy Spirit, will it be successful?
Q #554:  Who chooses, who decides to choose, and who asks for help in choosing?
Q #555:  What exactly does the Course mean by: ask for " the things you want to happpen to you " ?
Q #556:  What is the meaning of gratitude according to the Course?
Q #557:  Can ego-thoughts come from demons or other similar entities?

Q #546:  What is the Course's position on "The meek shall inherit the earth"?
Q #547; 
Are there other paths to return to God?
Q #548:  Can we do miracles like those attributed to Jesus?
Q #549:  Once having chosen a miracle, can it be negated?
Q #550:  If Jesus attained the atonement principle, why didn't this cancel out the illusion completely?
Q #551:  What exactly is meant by "Anger is never justified"?

Q #541:  Why must I do "something outrageous" if asked?
Q #542;  How or why should I not be upset by painful external circumstances?.
Q #543:  Please explain "What you experience when you deny your Father is still for your protection"
Q #544:  Is the Course, too, just illusion ?
Q #545:  What is the meaning of the "incorruptible body"?

Q #534:  Does "the Little Garden" advocate bringing truth to illusion?
Q #535;  Why does the Course seems to contradict itself about time?.
Q #536:  Will my needs be met if I heed the Holy Spirit, and how can I be sure I am not heeding the ego?
Q #537:  If disease is not "real" how should a student of the Course act regarding STD's ?
Q #538:  Why does the Course seem to say that the Holy Spirit will help us "in the illusion"?
Q #539:  In what ways does the Course differ from the Bible?
Q #540:  What is the difference between images and visions?

Q #527:  What is the distinction between regular type and italics in the Course?
Q #528;  Is the identity I gave myself responsible for my unhappiness?.
Q #529:  Issues about application of Course principles in the workplace
Q #530:  Should we bother trying to change the world, if it is illusory?
Q #531:  What is the meaning of "What you take from one, the other will obscure"?
Q #532:  Why would the Holy Spirit want to embarrass us?
Q #533:  How should I respond to the fear I feel while doing the workbook


Q #521:  Are we many minds or one mind?
Q #522;  What if I prefer worldly pleasures to meditation?.
Q #523i: If I can convince you you are sinless, will we both be healed?
Q #523ii:Is self-consciousness real or illusory?
Q #524:  If I think hard about what I want, will it manifest?
Q #525:  Why does the Course teach that what I thought was done to me "has not occurred"?
Q #526:  How do I know which "course" or which teacher, or which spirituality to believe?

Q #516: Is all my previous learning just a distraction and a waste of time?
Q #517 i   Is mathematics a language of God?.
Q #517 ii  Does the Course teach that we inflict all warfare and suffering on ourelves?
Q #518: If I try to correct errors, am I just making them real?
Q #519: I am conflicted because a special relationship is keeping me from a relationship with God
Q #520  Remaining focussed on peace seems difficult when a family member is ill

Q #510:     Since Jesus was crucified, does that mean he did not pass his own "Test of Truth"?.
Q #511:     What would prevent the separation from happening all over again?.
Q #512(i): How does Christian Science heal compared with the Course?
Q #512(ii): Can I combine the healing of Christian Science with the teachings of the Course?.
Q #513:     Is the Holy Spirit the same thing as the "watcher"?
Q #514(i):  What does the Course have to say about karma?
Q #514(ii): What is the significance of italicized and capitalized words in the Course?
Q #515:    Is the Course compatible with the Kabbalah?

Q #503: Why have I had no revelation?
Q #504  Why did we choose to abandon peace of mind?.
Q #505  Can you please explain the crucifixion and the resurrection?
Q #506: What is the meaning of "universe of universes"?
Q #507: Is all anger and judgement a cry for love?
Q #508  What should I learn from a situation that keeps repeating?
Q #509  I can be at peace in some difficult situations but not in others. Why?

Q #497: What are prophecies?
Q #498  Is my guidance from the HolySpirit?.
Q #499  Why does forgiveness "wait"?
Q #500: Am I in your dream or are you in mine?
Q #501: How can one forgive after years of abuse?.
Q #502  Can I practice martial arts without any pain?

Q #490: Why would the ego-mind ever choose to undo itself?
Q #491  How exactly do I go about choosing the HolySpirit?.
Q #492  Why is Jesus never pictured as smiling?
Q #493: Is it loving to ask a disruptive person to leave a group?
Q #494: Where does the mind go when the body dies?.
Q #495  What did Jesus mean by "the prayer of the heart"?
Q #496: Does Jesus have a sense of humor?

Q #484: Can a student of the Course still perform jury duty?
Q #485 i: If this is all a dream, why can't I manifest my thoughts, as in lucid dreaming?.
Q #485 ii What is God's Will?
Q #486: If I turn away from the ego does that automatically mean I am turning toward the Hoy Spirit?
Q #487: How do we go about forgiving the past?.
Q #488  Does the world of forms appear to change when I choose the Holy Spirit ?
Q #489: Does my mind review only one script at  time?

Q #477: Why does Jesus seem to help me with worldly issues?
Q #478: What exactly is the Will of God?.
Q #479: Who is the voice speaking about Jesus in the Clarification of Terms?
Q #480: Is it necessary to physically interact with others at all?.
Q #481  Can I hold a grievance against someone who holds no grievance against me?
Q #482: How can the Course be a "required" course if there are many different paths to the truth?
Q #483: Is it appropriate to feel proud that I am a student of the Course?

Q #472: I am having trouble letting go of my anger...
Q #473(i): Did Jesus once believe in illusions?.
Q #473(ii): Is the Jesus of the Course the same as the Jesus of the bible?
Q #474: How does one "look within"?.
Q #475  What is the Course's position on tithing?
Q #476: Are drugs like marijuana just miscreations and magic?

Q #466: Was my release from addiction attributable to a higher power?
Q #467: What is the meaning of "the golden rule" from a Course perspective?.
Q #468: About "bad" or "obnoxious" people, and about grievances toward them..
Q #469  About someone who has Alzheimer's disease.
Q #470: How do I deal with the emptiness within, and my lack of peace?
Q #471: Turning over a special relationship to the Holy Spirit.

Q #460: How important is good psychological health, while in the dream?
Q #461: Where does the life-force of animals and plants come from?.
Q #462: I feel conflicted about letting go of my personal interests.
Q #463  Questions about acceptance of the Holy Spirit vs. Jesus as a connection to God
Q #464: How can I find release from jealousy ?
Q #465: Why does Jesus suggest we should do something for our brother, if the world is not real?

Q #453: Clarification of "It was not His will that you be crucified"?
Q #454: Are there any Course materials suitable for my children?.
Q #455: How can one view political and cultural divisions from a Course perspective?.
Q #456  If we are all one, and Jesus knew this, how could he be aware of separateness ?
Q #457: I think I understand the Course but why is my life a financial mess ?
Q #458: Is the "afterlife" an ego-concept?
Q #459: Is it meaningful to speculate about what God does or doesn't know"?

Q #445: Is guilt an attempt to induce anger?
Q #446: Why does the Course seem to say the real world is not true?.
Q #447: How can I find peace abut matters such as paying the bills?.
Q #448: What is the Course's position on vegetarianism?
Q #449: Are love and fear opposite sides of the same coin?
Q #450: What is the exact difference between a holy instant and a miracle?
Q #451: What is the meaning of "They will appear when ... it is helpful for them to do so"?
Q #452: Is it OK to scream at someone if it is done with love?

Q #440: How could I possibly forgive a figure like Sadam Hussein?
Q #441: What is the purpose of the numbering system used in A Course In Miracles?.
Q #442: Can you please define God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit?.
Q #443: Is there any real difference between everyday preferences, and racial hatred?.
Q #444: What is the meaning of "guilt" as used in the Course?

Q #434: What is the best way to handle slips into wrong-mindedness?
Q #435: Is it significant that all my relationships are failing ?.
Q #436: How do I deal with the lower emotions. How can I laugh them away?.
Q #437: Should we not, even temporarily, believe that Jesus will help us in this world?.
Q #438: Is there a voice that commands that we obey?
Q #439: Must I regard all Christian teaching as mistaken?

Q #426: Can I be a bodybuilder and still be true to the Course?
Q #427: What is the difference betwen "make" and "create"?.
Q #428: Don't "near-death-experiences" contradict the teachings of the Course?.
Q #429: Doesn't the Course improve our circumstances in this world, anyway?.
Q #430: Why is "only one" teacher of God needed to save the world?
Q #431: Experiencing constant inner dialogs about anger
Q #432: What would be the viewpoint of the Course on the use of pschotropic drugs?
Q #433: Should I only accept a partner in liife if he/she is spiritually or Course oriented?

Q #420: Why does Jesus say we need to forgive him?
Q #421: Will my judgemental thoughts diminish as I become more aware of them?.
Q #422: Are the words "mind" and "thinking" interchangeable?.
Q #423: Is it normal to feel socially alienated by being a follower of the Course?.
Q #424: Why would Jesus be "silly" if he were active in the world today?
Q #425: How can compassion be important if suffering itself is an illusion ?

Q #414: The difference between "belief" and "faith"
Q #415: How do I be assertive and still be in line with Course principles?.
Q #416: Why do I seem to be accident prone, and why am I slow to heal?.
Q #417: Should I expect sexual fidelity from my partner?.
Q #418: What is meant by a "reflection of love"?
Q #419: Why do I constantly sabotage myself?

Q #409: Does the Holy Spirit's script show us that our decision for the ego is wrong?
Q #410: Are physical practices like yoga a distraction from the truth?.
Q #411: Do pregnancy and childbirth simply increase the thought of separation?.
Q #412: Having completed the Course, I still get angry and depressed.
Q #413: Is the Course similar to, or compatible with Urantia?  Does it teach the existence of angels?

Q #404: Why did I leave Heaven?   Why did Jesus leave Heaven?
Q #405: If I acted inappropriately, believing I was practising the Course, what should I do now?.
Q #406: Should I feel guilty because I have not done my best "in the world"?.
Q #407: Can we do miracles?  How do we "offer miracles to others"?
Q #408: What should I do after I "finish" the Course?


Q #398: What is the difference between "return" and "reciprocity"?
Q #399: Determining the right way to listen and speak to others.
Q #400: Learning not to judge ourselves for being judgemental.
Q #401: How do we give our minds back to God?
Q #402: How do I deal with guilt about not doing my very best?
Q #403: Can different opinions about forgiveness really mean the same thing?

Q #393: How can I heal my medical condition using the principles of the Course?
Q #394: Is meditation essential to success with the Course?
Q #395: Is Christ some kind of "corporate entity" consisting of many beings?.
Q #396: Am I wrong to want to tell everyone else about the Course?
Q #397: Is it possible that humanity is now on the "home stretch" to salvation?

Q #387: What should I do if I feel "stuck" and in a "dead end"?
Q #388: A clarification about the nature of prayer.
Q #389: Could separation and the ego just be "natural" learning devices?.
Q #390: How do I attain peace in desperate financial and personal circumstances?
Q #391: Clarification about the brain, the mind, thinking, and intelligence.
Q #392: How do I avoid fear and ego-attacks when trying to follow the workbook?

Q #381: How do I learn to respond with love to attacks?
Q #382: Should I take "signs" seriously?.
Q #383: HWhy does Kenneth Wapnick say "Say not no to the ego" ?.
Q #384: Why do I feel anxiety after studying the Course?
Q #385: Did prayer heal a tumor, or was it misdiagnosed?.
Q #386: Does physical healing require acceptance of the Atonement?


Q #375: What is the meaning of "correction must be introduced vertically from the bottom up"?
Q #376: What is a good example of using "The Rules for Decision"?.
Q #377: How do I "let him release me" from a special relationship?.
Q #378: How do I "look within"?
Q #379: A question about the "Authority Problem".
Q #380: I feel guilty because I vented my fury in a special relationship.

Q #370: I feel I have made a "deal" or a "bargain" for love..
Q #371: How does right-mindedness view child-abuse?.
Q #372: Can you clarify the differences between Christian Science and the Course?.
Q #373: How can someone who does not practice the Course have higher self-esteem than me?
Q #374: Is forgiving a situation the same as seeing the truth of the situation?.

Q #363: Does the Course's metaphysics deny the reality of karma?.
Q #364: Does looking after the body reinforce the illusion?.
Q #365: What is the role of the ego in an abused child?.
Q #366: Would salvation mean I have to leave behind the ones I love?
Q #367: I am having problems releasing my grievances after a divorce.
Q #368: I need guidance concerning forgiveness and releasing hatred and judgements.
Q #369: What is the reverse of the "Golden Rule"?


Q #356: What is a succinct description of the Course?.
Q #357: What if the peace I try to give is not returned?.
Q #358: Why do I continue to behave in such an insane way?.
Q #359: What is really going on when someone loves me but I don't love them?
Q #360: If God is all there is, is the whole world, including me, part of God's dream?
Q #361: What is the meaning of remembering only loving thoughts?
Q #362: If "forgiveness looks and waits," what are we waiting for?

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